I am not a photographer, an author, an orator, or frankly anyone mildly interesting enough to have a “Blog”. But yet, here I am, polluting the World Wide Web with my version of reality. So, if you are the Grammar Police, or anyone looking to critique and criticize, leave now. Because, if I am anything, it is flawed. I have no idea what an aperture is or where to place my commas. Honestly, I could care less. I am more concerned with content and intent. This is more about giving a voice to the things that are important to me and perhaps discerning what is important to me and why. I have a desperate need to be engaged and I get bored easily. So the content of this site will be wide ranging, chaotic, eclectic, and more than a little ADD. I believe the Divine lives in the details and I am always asking what and why.

I do not want to use this for politicizing and will endeavor to only mention politics if it affects what ever topic I am engaged in at the moment.

I have been alive this time for little over a half century and can remember what it was like before cell phones, personal computers, and anything digital. Growing up in rural Arkansas and Three Feet From Hell Texas there were times when I didn’t have access to a television and had to rely on newspapers for any kind of link to the greater world. I read books! Entire libraries of books! I read the Hobbit for the first time when I was twelve and life was never the same after. I was liberated by the books I read, they gave me an insight into a world I could have never dreamt existed. In a way books saved my sanity and my life. Without them any light burning in me would have been consumed by darkness until very little of me remained. I found solace and kinship with hobbits, elves and dragons and with the wild things running free in forests and over the plains. I panned for gold in the Yukon, traveled West to a little house and quested in a Fellowship. For the fleeting moments I spent living in those books I was safe, sheltered, unfettered by the harsh realities lurking just beyond their pages. Living in this day and age is a magnificent feast for someone like me. Through access to a computer and the internet I have seen the world in all of its tarnished glory. Sitting at my dining table I have traversed the frozen peaks of the Himalayas and discovered the alien depths of the Laurentian Abyss and every place in between. I have danced through the Horsehead Nebula and listened to the Rings of Saturn. We stand on the leading edge of discovery in a time of endless possibilities and I am but a tiny spec shimmering for a moment in the void. Isn’t life a grand adventure! Buckle up Buttercup, this could get interesting.

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