So, right now I am blogging about blogging!  Why do I want to blog? I think really big thoughts and I need a voice. There are things happening all around us every minute of the day that are of mind blowing significance and most people blink and miss them. I have questions and ideas and important stuff and no one to talk to about what I am seeing and thinking. Go get a friend, you say! Yeah, not so much. Just not feeling it. I have friends, two, actually. Tons of acquaintances but I would never feel comfortable talking to them about this stuff.When I try and talk to my husband his eyes glaze over and he begins to nod and drool. True story. Not really. The eye glazing part but not the drool. Well, sometimes. Not really. Well….

I am not sure if anyone will ever find my Blog or read anything I write and I am okay with that. But if you do manage to stumble upon my little blog please do not get too hung up in grammar, syntax, punctuation, or anything else mildly academic. Thank the Gods for Spellcheck. The old Gods of course. Not the new ones, they just don’t get it.

To categorize this as fringe anything would be somewhat accurate. I love science and technology but I am also a firm believer in magic. Magic is science that hasn’t been discovered yet. Like fire to the Neanderthals. Have fun, enjoy and be inspired to stop blinking so much. You could be missing some very important stuff.