I received a call yesterday morning from an unknown number. Normally I wouldn’t even answer but my mom is in a nursing home, a few times when her nurse has called it has shown up as unknown. So, I answered. A voice came on immediately, asked for me by name, which is also what the nurse did so I confirmed it was me. Before I realized what was happening I was engaged with someone claiming to represent Chase Bank and they were calling because of a debt I owe. I told them I wasn’t aware of any debt to Chase…blah, blah, blah. What followed is probably one of the most disturbing conversations I have ever had. She had my full and complete Social Security Number, my Driver’s License Number, my address, knew who my home is financed with, make and model of my car and who it is financed with. She didn’t even pause for me to confirm or deny anything! She had no doubt her information was correct and was very happy to let me know that she had it! When I did attempt to say anything, she would tell me to shut up. I told her I wasn’t giving her any money, to just go ahead and send the sheriff to my house to arrest me. She said that she had decided to give me a break. That instead of having me arrested she would just take the open balance on my credit card. She then listed the last 4 digits of that card. I asked her who she works for and how much had they paid for my information. She began screaming something incoherent and I hung up. I spent most of the day on the phone with my different creditors, my bank, and Lifelock. Everyone was very supportive and assured me I had all the antifraud mechanisms in place. That everything “should” be okay.  I have received scam calls like this before. But they didn’t have any of the information this person did. Everything you are taught to protect, to not share with just anyone is dangling in the breeze somewhere for criminals to use however they please. I am sure I have Equifax to thank for this. I feel betrayed, exposed, angry and a whole host of emotions I can’t even define. I am sharing this to hopefully let you know not to answer your phone if you don’t recognize the number. Open all your mail to make sure there are no new credit card bills, shred everything and check your credit report often. And understand, any sense of anonymity, of safety, has been stripped away. I guess I was naive to have believed I had any of those things in this digital age. But, the aggressive way this woman came at me on the phone was disturbing.  My identity was stripped bare and in her hands. I was no longer in possession of my own self. All the markers I have used to define myself in public or finances are no longer protected.