I pay attention to things that most people do not even realize are happening. Or if they do they shrug off as unimportant. There are a few people in my life I can have conversations with about this “stuff” but for the most part I am on my own. I call this the Deborah Experiment because sometimes I feel as if I am experimenting with life and information attempting to ascertain what is real and what is just fluff and fodder. There is so much happening in the world, big time major important events, and some really interesting and maybe equally important bits and pieces keep falling through the cracks. My intent is to write about things that interest me.Initially at first writing I may not have a complete understanding or grasp of the topic but through the process of research and writing I hope to gain deep insight and comprehension. So, bear with me, this is more for me than you. You are the passenger, the silent observer. The opportunity for you to comment has been disabled and will most likely never be made available.

The photo featured on this page is one that I took yesterday. I live in Texas and am greeted daily by a big-assed sky. Growing up I spent the majority of my waking, leisure hours out doors and I remember what the skies looked like. What assails me daily now in 2017 is vastly different from what greeted me in the 1960’s moving forward till about the last ten or fifteen years. Something is afoot in the heavens of nefarious means but I do not know why or how even. I only comprehend what I see and it leaves me with great gaping holes vacant of any rational reasoning. There is a surplus of events bearing similar vacancies and I find many of them fascinating. Perhaps this can be my journal or diary where I can get stuff out of my head and down on page so my brain isn’t so congested. Not personal stuff, although something personal may be referenced from time to time. A great deal can be revealed about a person by what occupies their mind. What do you think about? What catches your attention? Hobbies? I am not sure if I have any hobbies. But I do think about weird stuff and I seem to be attracted to topics that are not necessarily mainstream. I love television shows about aliens and conspiracy theories. I don’t always agree or reach the same conclusion but it is interesting to consider the possibilities. I love “In Search of God with Morgan Freeman”. It could be “In Search of Alphabet Soup with Morgan Freeman”, and I wouldn’t miss an episode! Morgan Freeman is the bomb diggity!  I don’t watch much mainstream television programming. I am a Fan Girl from way back so my choice of programming seems to center on super heroes and searching for a particular hairy and extraordinarily elusive cryptid and anything that is presented within those perimeters.

I have been graced with a marriage spanning over 30 years. Blessed with three children who defy their lineage daily to be the most amazing people. We are equally blessed by the people they have chosen to be their life mates. Grandchildren have begun to arrive. One as to date but we have hopes for many more. This most auspicious individual arrived in the form of a feisty, independent, complex, hilarious,  singularly spectacular creature of such beauty, grace, intelligence, and love, so much pure, sweet, unsullied love, that the heavens weep at her absence and take solace in her shining presence here amongst these most undeserving cast of characters who are indeed beyond blessed by her incandescent being. She is the first of her kind as was her mother so it is only fitting that she be the standard bearer for those dancing in the winds of creation, splendid and divine awaiting their opportunity to arrive and take up an invitation to life here amongst us fortunate few. Life is good. Life is very, very good.