The Deborah Experiment

Abandon all Hope.

I received a call yesterday morning from an unknown number. Normally I wouldn’t even answer but my mom is in a nursing home, a few times when her nurse has called it has shown up as unknown. So, I answered. A voice came on immediately, asked for me by name, which is also what the nurse did so I confirmed it was me. Before I realized what was happening I was engaged with someone claiming to represent Chase Bank and they were calling because of a debt I owe. I told them I wasn’t aware of any debt to Chase…blah, blah, blah. What followed is probably one of the most disturbing conversations I have ever had. She had my full and complete Social Security Number, my Driver’s License Number, my address, knew who my home is financed with, make and model of my car and who it is financed with. She didn’t even pause for me to confirm or deny anything! She had no doubt her information was correct and was very happy to let me know that she had it! When I did attempt to say anything, she would tell me to shut up. I told her I wasn’t giving her any money, to just go ahead and send the sheriff to my house to arrest me. She said that she had decided to give me a break. That instead of having me arrested she would just take the open balance on my credit card. She then listed the last 4 digits of that card. I asked her who she works for and how much had they paid for my information. She began screaming something incoherent and I hung up. I spent most of the day on the phone with my different creditors, my bank, and Lifelock. Everyone was very supportive and assured me I had all the antifraud mechanisms in place. That everything “should” be okay.  I have received scam calls like this before. But they didn’t have any of the information this person did. Everything you are taught to protect, to not share with just anyone is dangling in the breeze somewhere for criminals to use however they please. I am sure I have Equifax to thank for this. I feel betrayed, exposed, angry and a whole host of emotions I can’t even define. I am sharing this to hopefully let you know not to answer your phone if you don’t recognize the number. Open all your mail to make sure there are no new credit card bills, shred everything and check your credit report often. And understand, any sense of anonymity, of safety, has been stripped away. I guess I was naive to have believed I had any of those things in this digital age. But, the aggressive way this woman came at me on the phone was disturbing.  My identity was stripped bare and in her hands. I was no longer in possession of my own self. All the markers I have used to define myself in public or finances are no longer protected.

My Challenge

Charlie is down for a nap so I wanted to take a moment and talk about something that is very important to me. For several years I have been practicing the Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping for short. It is the easiest way I have found to make very real and profound change in my life. I use it as a tool to move and/or remove energy from my life, to shift and remove blocks and Stops. I use it for healing for myself and others. I use it for everything, but I don’t use it enough. This is something that is so easy to do. You don’t need anything but a quiet place for some privacy and to clear your mind. There a ton of YouTube videos and websites that you can utilize to get familiar and comfortable with the process and philosophy of the practice. Then the only thing left is to just do it. As often as possible on any issue you may have in your life. EFT or Tapping can be applied to anything…chronic health issues, new health issues, injuries, emotional issues, relationships, the past, the present, the future! Everything. One thing to remember, this does not give you access to the Great Vending Machine in the Sky! It is a practice that can and will create resolutions that are of the highest and best good for everyone and everything involved. You cannot use EFT to do harm or create chaos or negativity. In fact if you tried either nothing would happen or you could find yourself face to face with the Mother of All Karmic Consequences. It is important to only use our powers for good and the Universe will remind you of that one way or the other. One rule to always remember, that which you do unto another is visited upon you 100 fold. If you ask for someone to be exposed, prepare to be exposed. If you ask for someone to be bound be prepared to be bound. It is better to ask that all in need be protected from an individual or group of individuals doing harm and that their power to do harm is removed from them. Which kind of brings me to the purpose of this post. My intent is to create a fellowship of like minded individuals willing and able to participate in an endeavor. Everyday at the same time no matter where you are or what you are doing you would be able to take a few moments and participate in an EFT session designed to bring enlightenment to the masses, to broadcast unconditional love, healing, prosperity, contentment and peace to the entire world. To create protection and safety zones for anyone or anything at risk. Anyone creating chaos, violence, dis-ease, injury or negative outcomes would have those efforts mirrored back to them while protecting the innocent in their midst. And what ever else we come up with. I have already been doing this but I need help. I have a script that I use but I would like to work on it a bit and refine it to be more broad reaching.

Anyway that is what I have for now. I will write more later and add some videos and website links. And I will talk about Ho’oponopono and what happens when you add it to your EFT practice.

The Elephant in the Room

Mental Health has never been given enough attention. We get flu shots, we even give our pets Rabies Vaccinations but we never think to safe guarding our emotional life. Recently Princes William and Harry along with the Duchess of Cambridge began a campaign to draw mental illness out of the shadows and encourage anyone and everyone to seek help. The princes shared their personal stories of dealing with the grief of loosing their beloved mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.  The Duchess of Cambridge is speaking about her feelings of isolation after the births of her children. So essentially Postpartum Depression, I guess. There is incredible stigma attached to admitting any kind of depression, anxiety, or “blue” moods. It is very encouraging to see these three people especially coming out and attempting to remove the fear of speaking up and reaching out for help. But it is much more than that, mental illness often manifests in rage, anger, and violence not in depression and anxiety only. You cant tell me someone willing to strap on a suicide vest is mentally and emotionally healthy and well adjusted. Neither is the person tailgating you in traffic trying to intimidate you into running that red light so they can laugh at you while you are being loaded in the ambulance after the wreck is over. True story.

I have tried with absolutely no success to suggest to a verbally abusive, violent, sociopath that seeking professional help was in their best interests. I was punched in the face for my efforts. How do you help someone who doesn’t think they need help and wouldn’t admitted it if they did? You don’t, you help your self. It is difficult for me to imagine living in any developed or developing nation on this planet right now and not having mental health issues of some kind. Times are extremely stressful with very little relief. There doesn’t seem to be a way of escaping everything that is happening right now. My advice is to seek help and support even if you think you are just fine, because, you are not okay. The more you deep breath and tell yourself you are, the closer you get to standing on an over pass and dropping bricks on the passing cars below. Or walking into a crowd of people and hacking your way through with a knife. Or driving onto a busy sidewalk filled with people you believe  are so different from you they just don’t deserve to breath. Politics, Religion, Relationships, Money, Illness, Loss, Grief, Anger, Rage, Sorrow, Addiction, Pain! This and so much more drives the state of your mental health. You may not even know what your trigger is. It could be so buried beneath the machinations of getting through your day that you never realize what you are doing. But it is there hiding behind religious beliefs that limit and degrade your self worth, racism that you don’t even realize is racism, and so much more. Your normal is most likely, not normal. I know mine isn’t. I struggle against my programming every day. I am a woman born in the south in the 1960’s out of wedlock.  My childhood was a nightmare. I tried “talk” therapy after the birth of my first child. My mother told me that because I had been abused as a child I would most likely abuse my children. Very insightful of her except for the fact that she was one of my abusers.  I have never abused anything or any one. But no thanks to her. Talking about stuff was very helpful until I realized there was just too much stuff to talk about. A one hour session wasn’t enough time to drag out all the boxes and take inventory of my pain.  The past was stealing the happiness from the present and future.  I found my salvation in meditation, finding that quiet, calm, empty place inside me. Some days the empty started out a little crowded but with breath work and patience I was able to let go. My saving grace has always been my children. I have never been a drinker, so that glass of wine at the end of the day has never been my thing. Actually exercise, yoga, rowing, bouncing on my mini trampoline, playing with my dogs have become my most recent “de-stressers”. Not sure if that is a word, ha ha, is now.

My intention is to share just a little so you know and understand everyone has a story.  No one is okay, and that is okay as long as you are a work in progress. Talk, if it works for you. Run, play golf, swim, join a support group, volunteer at your local shelter, or library. Find something that feeds your soul and the good that is in you.  Understand that you are the only one who is responsible for your state of being. You are the only person who can create change of any kind in your life. Don’t give your power away. It is so easy right now to get caught up in the negative aspect of what is happening in the world around us. Anger seems to be easier to get to than compassion. And compassion is exactly what is needed. Remember, you are important. It is important that you are here.  Be kind to every thing but most especially yourself.

There are some wonderful therapies available that can be easily and quickly learned and just as easily and effectively applied.  Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is one of the most amazing tools I have ever learned. Finding a counselor, a mental health professional is paramount. This does not mean you are mentally ill. It is not a stigma, everyone goes through dark and difficult times. What makes the difference is the people who reach out for support and healing. We heal the body, now let’s heal the mind and spirit.  You must establish your practice and remain faithful  for your own well being.  Self medicating with food, drugs, sex, or what ever only creates more chaos and suffering. This may sound stupid but the more you resist creating your own personal healing the more you personally contribute to the death, mayhem and destruction going on in the world right now. You do not live in a vacuum and you are a vibrational being. You can choose to radiate peace, love, healing, grace, and gratitude out into the world or you can continue to contribute to the problem. Thoughts are pure energy, words, deeds, emotions, all of it pure energy sent out into creation. We are all creators constantly reforming and reshaping reality or at least our version of it. Below are some links to YouTube videos on tapping and stuff to support your peace, love, gratitude and healing.

This one may seem a little cheesy and not so easy to say but sooo very effective. Do a little research and suspend your desire to be negative and just shut up and do it. And I mean that in a very loving way.

My First Post About Chemtrails

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As I said on a different page, I am not a professional photographer. The point I am wanting to make with this photo is, I took it myself in my neighborhood using my Apple IPhone something or other. I didn’t find it online or photo shop it. (I don’t know how to photo shop) I live right outside of Austin Texas and there are no tall mountains or tall buildings to block out the sky. We have a big assed sky 24/7/365. I enjoy a wacky conspiracy theory just as much as the next person. Some of them are quiet entertaining.  However this is not a picture of cumulus clouds, swamp gas, the planet Venus of any other typical atmospheric phenomenon. When ever I try and find information about these types of trails I am inundated with everything but real science. There seems to be different groups of people touting everything from an elitist depopulation agenda to weather modification.If I had to choose between those two I would go with weather modification. It has been done in the past so I know it exists. I will get to more on that in a bit. As for a depopulation agenda, I say they are failing miserably. The human population on this planet is 7 billion and rising by the hour. So, I think we can take that off the list of possible explanations for this particular phenomenon. Of course you always have the group  claiming Aliens, the Military Industrial Complex , and of course the ever popular blame it on Obama rational. Just please don’t try and tell me this is a normal contrail.

I grew up in rural Arkansas until 1976 when my family relocated to Three Feet from Hell Texas. About the only similarity between the two is very large and mostly empty skies. I spent a great many of my waking hours outdoors and one of my favorite activities was to study the clouds and see what I could make from them. Dragons, castles, dogs, fish, you name it, my imagination was unlimited in those days. One thing I remember very clearly were the airplanes traveling overhead and the short, white, wisps of vapor trailing behind that very quickly disappeared as they hurried off to parts unknown.The one thing that stands out in my memory is the  length of those contrails. I remember asking my teacher about them and her explanation was fascinating. It was just like the clouds my breath made on a cold winter day.

Fast forward to today in 2017 and I am still fascinated by the skies but what greets me now when I gaze at the heavens is vastly different from the skies of my childhood. Sometimes, but not very often I will see a plane way up high with a short bright tail that dissipates and dissolves into nothing rather quickly. Then there are the trails that last for hours and fuzz out and create something akin to clouds. That is not a “normal” contrail. That doesn’t seem to be a normal anything. You can watch them being created, extruded really, from the rear of a plane. There is never just one line but many, many lines crisscrossing the sky and intersecting too many times to count. I have attempted to have an intelligent conversation about these strange contrails with various people and for the most part they say, “oh this is how they have always been, no big deal.” For the people who do get it and have questions like I do, file the phenomenon into several different categories. The primary one is perhaps the fuel used and types and functions of engines have changed significantly to create these types of trails. I have no idea what type of technology is causing them or why they are being created. What I can say with some degree of certainty is these types of strange wispy and long lasting trails began to appear consistently in the early ‘90s. Not to the degree they are present today but I do remember them and wondering what was going on. I put it down to our military testing some new experimental plane with a type of drive that would emit this new trail. The SR 71 has been up and flying since the early ’60s and I am sure there are things flying around up there now that make Blackbird look like a slow walk in the park. I am speculating that the types of engines or drives utilized are somewhat more exotic than traditional jet turbines and ramjet engines. But are they emitting these long lines of white extruded material that spreads out across the sky creating gauzy white “clouds”. I use the term clouds loosely and only because I can’t think of a better word describing how these things look. They look like clouds and in spite of some scientist demanding we accept that explanation, they are, emphatically, not clouds. I am not a member of the group blaming everything that I can’t identify on Aliens. I believe they are out there, but if they are flying, it is probably Jet Blue! I am beyond tired of reading about how the trails are laden with chemicals designed to eradicate 75% of the population. There are over 7 billion of us on the planet and more arriving every hour so that theory is an epic nope, nope. Weather modification, yes, that actually has science behind it. History tells us the US Military engaged in weather modification with great success during the Vietnam conflict.It was called Operation Popeye, a highly classified CIA covert operation.

Recently there has been a great deal of concern about HAARP or High Altitude Auroral Research Program based in Alaska. Seems innocent and technical enough however Dr. Nick Begich and a great multitude of concerned planetary citizens around the globe would disagree. There seems to be some “proof” of HAARP being used to manipulate the weather and perhaps influencing global warming. Planet Earth is not a dead rock floating through space. We live on a dynamic living organism that is constantly in flux and motion. The planet is very much alive and goes through cycles of drought and flood and warm and cold. No doubt humans are influencing these cycles. However, not everything we are seeing weather wise can be blamed on modification and manipulation. I have watched more than one video and read more than one article claiming the so called “chem-trails” are part of the effort to influence the  weather. There have been times during the summer when rain has been forecast and you can sit and watch Doppler and track the rain system across radar until it would suddenly hit a wall just west of Fredericksburg and either change direction or completely dissipate. It was like there was a dome over Central Texas keeping any chance of precipitation at bay. In essence there was  a dome, it is actually a High Pressure Dome and does just that. Rain is a low pressure and when it hits a strong high pressure dome it usually changes course or dissipates. That is an over simplification of the process but it works for me. When rain systems were able to over come the high pressure it was usually low pressure systems that were incredibly strong and the destruction and devastation caused by torrential rains has become the stuff of nightmares. When something that terrible happens it is only natural to look for someone or something to blame. I find myself joining the ranks of people who have more questions than answers. The lines in the skies could very well be part of a larger top secret covert operation designed by the Military Industrial Complex to manipulate and control weather for nefarious reasons. It has been done before and there are no singular events. If they got away with it once they will try it again only this time with virtually unlimited technology. Considering we went to the Moon on less technology than contained in a flip phone it is terrifying to think what is possible now and we would be none the wiser. Anyone questioning the trails in the sky are filed in the same category as people claiming Alien Abduction. There is just way too much out there, too many people talking and posting pictures and videos, they cant all be fake. Some of the people talking are pretty credible. This particular video I found very interesting.

I will keep watching the skies and asking questions and reading and watching everything I can find. Sometimes truth is relevant to the person searching for it. Perhaps my truth isn’t your truth but that is OK. Just like Agent K said to newly minted Agent J …what will you know tomorrow.

Blogging About Blogging

So, right now I am blogging about blogging!  Why do I want to blog? I think really big thoughts and I need a voice. There are things happening all around us every minute of the day that are of mind blowing significance and most people blink and miss them. I have questions and ideas and important stuff and no one to talk to about what I am seeing and thinking. Go get a friend, you say! Yeah, not so much. Just not feeling it. I have friends, two, actually. Tons of acquaintances but I would never feel comfortable talking to them about this stuff.When I try and talk to my husband his eyes glaze over and he begins to nod and drool. True story. Not really. The eye glazing part but not the drool. Well, sometimes. Not really. Well….

I am not sure if anyone will ever find my Blog or read anything I write and I am okay with that. But if you do manage to stumble upon my little blog please do not get too hung up in grammar, syntax, punctuation, or anything else mildly academic. Thank the Gods for Spellcheck. The old Gods of course. Not the new ones, they just don’t get it.

To categorize this as fringe anything would be somewhat accurate. I love science and technology but I am also a firm believer in magic. Magic is science that hasn’t been discovered yet. Like fire to the Neanderthals. Have fun, enjoy and be inspired to stop blinking so much. You could be missing some very important stuff.


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